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Top Gun Rockets


This pack of 4x 3” display quality shell rockets reallywill blow your socks off. Each pack boasts 4 distincteffects. If you’re looking for outstanding, displayquality effects then this is the pack for you.

Noisy Neighbours


Pushing compound fireworks to the limit, NoisyNeighbours is a 4 cake compound, pre-fusedtogether to create a single fuse display in a box.Cake A is a straight firing 50 shot 20mm, Cake Bis a 40 shot quick firing 20mm fan, Cake C is a 32shout straight firing 25mm, Cake D is a 24 shotquick firing 30mm fan. Dual Fused.


First Blood Rockets


First Blood is a pack of 4 gigantic rockets witheffects & bursts to match! Dazzling red & silverglitter, crackling brocade, multi-coloured pistil& an amazing shaped effect rocket makes this astunning rocket pack.

Big Bad Boss


Astounding compound firework featuring three different fireworks, pre-fused to create a display ina box for the back garden. Cake A is a straight upfiring 60 shot 20mm, Cake B is a 30 shot 25mm Zfiring fan & Cake C is a massive 20 shot 30mm fanfilling the sky with colour. Dual Fused.




Our biggest, heaviest, loudest compound to date takingconsumer fireworks to another level. Showcasing a mix of4x 50 shot, full flash, 30mm straight, Z & fan firing cakes, thiscompound is just as good, if not better than, professionaldisplay products. Vibrant colours, different firing patterns,full flash bursts, amazing pace & a duration of almost 3minutes make this a “must have” compound. Dual fused.



Titus is a massive compound & takes consumerfireworks to another level. Showcasing a mix of4x 50 shot, 1.4G, 30mm Straight, Z & Fan firingcakes, this compound is built to impress. Vibrantcolours, different firing patterns, astoundingbursts, amazing pace & a duration of almost 3minutes make this a remarkable 1.4G compound.


High Impact


The name says it all. High Impact packs sixdisplay quality cakes into one pack. The rangeof effects are too many to mention but witha combined duration of over 4 minutes, HighImpact is a must for any great display. DualFused.

Twisted Twins


This pack contains two of our F3, 100 shot fireworks, eachwith primary & reserve fuses. There fireworks are someof the best available on the market & when you see thevideo you will know why. Twisted Twins wouldn’t be outof place in any professional display, making them anextra-special product. Packaged in steel mesh for 1.4gstorage. Dual fused.




Awakening features dual fusing & all threefireworks are now fused together at the factory.Combining outstanding effects with a mix ofstraight & fanned firing patterns. With a durationof well over two minutes, Awakening is not oneto be missed! Dual Fused.

Demolition Rocket


A collosal 3” display quality shell rocket with astunning effect, normally Dual for professionaldisplays. Simply stunning.

Manic Miner


Not one for the faint hearted. Manic Miner is a displayquality 16 shot mine cake with professional qualityeffects and a mind-blowing finale. Each shot containsthree bursts and is accompanied by a colossal mine lift.16 shots may not sound a lot, but the massive 50mm tubediameter and hang time of almost 70 seconds makeManic Miner truly great value for money. CE & Dual fused.  



Astounding effects is what Claymore is all about. Thisfirework is so good that it’s widely used in displaysby professionals, and now it’s available to the public.Featuring crackle lift mines, dragon eggs, fireflies, superbrocades and coloured stars; Claymore is crammed fullof power and energy. Also features dual fusing for addedsafety. Dual fused


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